MA Music Studios is all things to all recording artists, from demos to finished professional masters:

Just 40 minutes north of London in a secluded village location, MA Music Studios are built to offer professional facilities with a gold record earning technical team at prices that will also appeal to local artists.

The studio was established by a group of music pro's who wanted to create a one-stop recording facility that suited all kinds of music and a wide range of budgets. The studios are run by Noel Rafferty, whose recording and mixing talents have been employed by Bon Jovi, Skunk Anansie, MC Hammer and was a valued part of the engineering team at London's Mayfair Studios during its most successful hit-making period. He was also AC/DC's house engineer for many years and had chart hits with The Farm, EMF and Debbie Harry.
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Behind him is a management team whose heritage includes The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Bert Kaempfert, Elvis Presley and many of the finest jazz musicians and classical orchestras in Europe and America. It's this background that has produced a studio complex that is welcoming, technically flexible and as attractive to top professional recording projects as it is for local band demos and live recordings.

Come and have a look around. Ring Noel on 01767 262 040 or email

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