Hamburg born Music Producer Marion Kaempfert is the daughter of the famous composer and bandleader, Bert Kaempfert who wrote songs such as Strangers In The Night, Spanish Eyes, LOVE and A Swingin' SafarI . In the early 1950s when Marion was a teenager, Bert Kaempfert became a producer and arranger for Polydor. During that time the Kaempfert household was a meeting point for artists like Caterina Valente, Freddy Quinn and later for the Beatles, when Bert discovered them on the Reeperbahn and signed them to a recording contract. After Bert's orchestra became famous and successful in the USA, the list of visitors to the Kaempfert house included such artists as Brenda Lee, Engelbert Humperdinck and Johnny Mathis. The Kaempferts used to take their daughters along to America. It was there and after the success of Strangers in the Night with Frank Sinatra that Marion had the chance to meet other vocalists who recorded Kaempfert songs, i.e. Dean Martin, Sammy Davis jr., Nat 'King' Cole, Al Martino, Trini Lopez, Jackie Gleason and Woody Herman.

Marion married Klaus Haake who became Bert Kaempfert's personal assistant until his untimely death in 1980. They lived with the Kaempferts in Switzerland and had two children, Stefan and Susan. In 1975 Marion took up music studies at the Jazz School in Luzern and after returning to Germany in 1976 she furthered her studies at the conservatoire in Hamburg, where she also took up the trombone. She became a music producer and publisher and built her own recording studio.

In 1984 she teamed up with the internationally renowned Danish jazz trumpeter, Allan Botschinsky. He shared her high standards of quality and her goal to produce first class music and to sell it internationally. For their very first production, First Brass they immediately received enthusiastic recognition in Europe and America. Even before it's U.S. release, it has been praised by Leonard Feather, Dizzy Gillespie, Quincy Jones, and many other respected members of the music business (

In 1987, Kaempfert and Botschinsky founded the European jazz label, MA Music. Since then they have produced fifteen albums of jazz- and modern classical music, all of which have been received with highest acclaim from critics and colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic ( Marion and Allan, who married in December 1990, have lived in Germany, Denmark and Italy before they moved to London in 1993.

Many of MA Music's productions were recorded and/or mixed and mastered at Londons Mayfair Studios with John Hudson as one of the world's best sound engineers. It was there and then that they met Mayfairs' house engineer, Noel Rafferty.

When Marion and her father's lead trumpeter, Tony Fisher re-launched the Bert Kaempfert Orchestra in 1993 with all of the original material of the 60s and 70s, Noel became the Orchestra's sound engineer ( Their latest production is called The Bert Kaempfert Orchestra Live In Concert , celebrating the Orchestra's 10th anniversary with the release of a full live recording of a concert at the Buxton Opera House on CD.

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