Quotes on Noel Rafferty

Alan Parsons (Producer)

Hi Noel,
Nice to hear from you. Good to see you're still going strong.

Mal Young of AC/DC at the end of the "Ballbreaker" Recording session:

"if you ever need a recommendation, get them to call me"

Craig Logan, former member of 'BROS'' and currant manager of 'PINK':

' "A versatile engineer and mixer, I would use on any session!!".

John Hudson (from Mayfair Studios, London)

"Noel was one of our best in-house engineers"

Phil Pickett (Producer/Songwriter/Manager, ex SAILOR, CULTURE CLUB)

"Noel was my chosen engineer at my studio, Strawberry Hills, London and when I needed a great live sound for my artist, Keziah Jones when we toured Europe,Japan,Australia & Canada.

Michael Brauer ( Producer: Coldplay, etc.. )

Hi Noel,
Hay, it's great to hear from you. What a great little place you've got going, awesome!










Client quotes


John from tha band told Lemonrock:
"A big 'thank you' is in order to Noel, who the band found via the Lemonrock web site."

"We would recommend any artist making a trip to record there.
Top professionals need not cost the earth."

HONEY THIEVES from Hertfordshire

Hello Noel! Enclosed you will find possibly the finest Christmas present you are going to receive ..... Yes, a copy of our finished demo !! Thank you for all your hard work on it. We'll be back next year for some more 'MAGIC'.

























Hiya Noel,
Everyone who's heard the CD is saying how good it sounds ...



Hi Noel, Just wanna say again, thanks for everything.
We are so chuffed with the CD, and will splash your name every which way we can.
I hope things stay good for you at the studio. I will send you the photos we have this wekend.

(click here to see the photos)

Feel free to use any you want, and please plug our name and our links anywhere you can.
Don't suppose you have Rick Rubin's number do ya ;-) I see he produced Ballbreaker?!!

Anyways, take it easy mate!



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