Stefan was brought up in Switzerland and Germany. As a teenager he has been involved in the early development of midi studios. He started with Commodore 64 and Apple IIe, followed by the first Apple Macs and Ataris, and finally moved to the PC platform during his professional carreer.

Aged 22 he moved to Holland where he studied trumpet and music theory at the conservatoire in Hilversum, his teachers being, among others, jazz trumpeters Ack van Rooyen and Allan Botschinsky.

Stefan furthered his education with computer studies and got a degree as a programmer, specialising in SAP software and participating in a full SAP implementation. He worked in the IT department at printers Bramson/van Stolk & Reese, part of the Stronghold Group.

However, Stefan's interest in creative processes led him to continue to specialize in music-editing and -mastering and other multimedia areas, such as webdesign, database programming and image processing.

In Holland Stefan has his own webdesign company with a partner :

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